A history of Halesworth, Suffolk, UK, through the ages.


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Halesworth Through The Ages

- is a set of 7 volumes written and published  by Ivan G Sparkes during the late 1990's. The volumes start with pre history of Halesworth and work through the middle ages, reformation, Elizabethan and Stuart eras, Georgian times, nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Ivan fully supports me in this transfer from volumes to web, and I must thank him for allowing me to do so. In the compiling of his volumes Ivan also had the support and encouragement of many local people, and I wish to acknowledge and thank them as a group. Also in his volumes Ivan supplied a thorough bibliography of source material  - details of which may be found in his books.

References made within Ivan's volumes regarding buildings etc. are associated with the use or ownership at the time Ivan wrote his books, and as such need to be updated as appropriate. With this in mind therefore, I will now endeavour to refer to these buildings by giving their map reference co-ordinates, and where appropriate, their UK post code. This will aid those who wish to visit the various sites using satellite navigation.

Feedback in the form of comments and or corrections are welcome; email me at cos@quovari.co.uk

Halesworth has at its centre St. Mary's Church (52.342276, 1.500948), located at IP19 8LL.

For those not familiar with Halesworth, it is located in the NE corner of the County of Suffolk, in East Anglia, in the United Kingdom. See map below.


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Volume 1 Pre-history to the Middle Ages

Volume 2 Middle Ages to the Reformation

Volume 3 Elizabethan and Stuart Halesworth

Volume 4 Georgian Halesworth

Volume 5 The Nineteenth Century - part 1

Volume 6 The Nineteenth Century - part 2

Volume 7 The Twentieth Century

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