A history of Halesworth, Suffolk, UK, through the ages.


Volume 1    
Index - Pre-history to the Middle Ages


Palaeolithic Period, Old Stone Age 400,000 - 8,000 BC
Mesolithic Period, Middle Stone Age 8,000 - 3,500 BC
Neolithic Period, New Stone Age 3,500 - 2,000 BC
Bronze Age, 2,000 - 650 BC
Iron Age, 700 BC - 43 AD
Roman Period, 43 - 410 AD
Boudicca's Revolt of 61AD
Roman Chain of Forts
Roman Remains in this Locality
Roman Treasure Hoards
Saxon Period, 410 - 1066 AD
The Kingdom of East Anglia in 550 AD
The Arrival of the Vikings in 838 AD
Saxon Village Life
The Saxon Church
Halesworth in Late Saxon Times
Saxon Law and Order
Saxon Royal Succession
The Norman Invasion in 1066 AD
William's Conquest of East Anglia in 1071 AD
Building the Norman Castles
The Domesday Survey of 1086 AD
Farming the Land
Life in Halesworth Manor
Halesworth Market and Craft Industries
The Feudal System
Halesworth Manor and the Argentein Family
The Norman Church 1066 - 1160 AD
Hugh Bigod, Stephen and the Civil War in the 1130's AD
Halesworth during the late Norman Period
Roger Bigod, King John and the Magna Carta in 1215 AD
Richard de Argentein and the Crusades in 1229 AD
The Norman Castle
The Cruck Cottage


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