Physical & Mental Relaxation CD's

Relaxation - both Physical and Mental is one of the best ways of making you feel better.

We do not realise how important it is to relax, especially in todays hectic world and our own individual lifestyle.

For some, relaxing is doing nothing, - perhaps listening to music, reading, or whatever.
It means different things to different people.

But Physical Relaxation is slightly different in that it reduces the stresses and tensions in the muscles of the body, while Mental Relaxation relaxes the mind.

Physical Relaxation simply means allowing the tensions in your body to gradually ebb away, while Mental Relaxation simply relaxes the mind.

Why take sleeping pills when Mental Relaxation can help you to sleep and feel better.

Thus learning how to relax is crucial for your physical and mental health and well being.



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Overcome your stress and anxiety with this Physical Relaxation CD.

This CD has a relaxing ethereal background to assist in making your body relax and to give you the relaxation that you desire.

The technique used to relax you gets you to focus on various parts of your body and allows your muscles to relax. There is no exertion at all.

To use the Physical Relaxation CD you need to choose a quiet place, and either sit in a comfortable chair or stretch out on the floor (or bed or couch). How you do it depends on you. The only condition is that you should feel comfortable. Loosen any tight clothing, especially around the neck and waist, so that you can breathe easily. Then just go with the flow of the CD.

Progress to a deeper level relaxation with this Mental Relaxation CD.

By relaxing with this Mental Relaxation CD you will achieve a deeper level of relaxation by allowing your mind, as well as your body, to become fully relaxed.

The technique used is to get you to focus your mind and thus allowing your mind to also relax.

The Mental Relaxation CD is best used after using the Physical Relaxation CD, since relaxing ones mind can only be really achieved after being physically relaxed.

Just go with the flow of the CD, - you might find that you are asleep at the end of it.



These Relaxation CD's will generate a feeling of well-being and allow you to

  • de-stress yourself.
  • think more clearly.  
  • cope better with daily demands.

By practicing these Relaxation programmes regularly, you will find that you become more able to deal with the stresses and strains of daily life, coupled with self confidence and improved sleep.