Starting Your Own Business

                  a book with interactive CD

                                 by Eric L Cole MIBC

Starting Your Own Business has been written for the many people who wish to start up in business on their own; for those who wish to start self-employment as a 'one man band', or in conjunction with a friend, colleague or partner.
The author is a qualified member of the Institute of Business Consulting, having spent some 7 years in this capacity. He has also been in senior positions in blue chip companies in the UK and has also run his own company for over 25 years.

About the Book

Starting Your Own Business as a sole trader is often classified as a SME - a  Small to Medium sized Enterprise, but a better description - Micro Business - is becoming more frequently used.

As a potential Sole Trader, this is where this book comes into its own.

Having said that, there is no reason why this book should not be used for something more sophisticated such as starting as a Limited Company; the reasoning is the same, it just might not give you all the answers that you may require.

The format of the book is based on today's thinking, and in the knowledge that the vast majority of readers of the book are reasonably computer literate, and as such this book will be able to be used interactively with the supplied CD on a computer in the compilation of the Business Plan, and Costings Forecast & Cash Flow Forecast.

For those who prefer to work manually through the compiling of a Business Plan etc. then all you need do is to make photo copies of the relevant sheets, or to copy the headings and write up by hand.

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Starting Your Own Business - rationale:

  •     You have just been laid off, or made redundant.
  •     You cannot find a suitable job or position.
  •     You are being told that you are over qualified.
  •     You want to be your own boss.
  •     You want to work hours that suit you.
  •     You want to make a million but you know that it is       not possible working for a boss.
  •     You have invented something.

There may be other reasons that you have for starting your own business, and they are just as valid as the ones above.

By working through this book you will cover all the necessary points to achieve your goal.

With this book

You will learn about:-

  • Identifying your personal requirements.
  • Understanding the different types of business status.
  • Understanding and creating a business plan.
  • Getting to grips with a cash flow forecast.
  • Getting to grips with simple accounting.

Reasons for buying this book

  • It contains everything you need to know to start your business.
  • It is written in an easily understood way.
  • It gives examples and scenarios to support its reasoning.
  • The only book of this kind to include an interactive CD.
  • The cost of this book can be set against initial business startup expenses.
  • The nominal price of this book will easily be recovered by the savings in time and learning.

This Book

Supports the instruction and guidance given by :-

  • Business Link
  • Prince's Trust
  • and many others.

The interactive cd

The book comes complete with an interactive CD enabling you to quickly and easily come to terms with, and create, your own personalised business plan, cash flow forecasts and an invoice.

By combining the CD with the book, and having the book written in a very easily understood way, provides the reader with all the information and tools he needs to start out on the road to self employment.

Book Details

  • 108 page paperback.
  • A5 size.
  • Laminated  gloss cover.
  • 6 Appendices.
  • Detailed index.
  • Price includes postage and packaging.

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Starting Your Own Business -   Eric L Cole 2009