ZERO DEFEX ZDL 4006 Jewel Case Inserts

or specifically a

Template for ZERO DEFEX ZDL 4006

This Template is free of any Malware Threats

Have you had trouble in trying to obtain a template so that you may design and print your own Jewel Case Inserts using ZERO DEFEX ZDL 4006 paper stock?

I have and ...

The sort of problems I encountered when trying to obtain such a template were :
  • No available template from ZERO DEFEX direct.
  • Most other sites that mention ZERO DEFEX template automatically trigger your virus detection as showing a threat - the last thing you want is to go down that road.
  • Suppliers of ZERO DEFEX card stock might suggest you use NERO COVER DESIGNER, - although it is free of charge, it is not straitforward to use - particularly if you want to turn text round through 90 degrees as I did for my CD spine insert.
  • Template was upside down (note the feed-in arrows on the paper stock for which way to feed to printer).
  • Even using the supplied free template, and having installed it, it looked ok, but on Print Preview it just did not line up properly (in fact it was miles out of alignment). I did a print and it just did not print onto the ZERO DEFEX card stock the way it should.
So I decided to create my own template.

Having created it, I then decided to offer it out to you, or whoever was having trouble, like I had.

I created it using OpenOffice Draw (which is a free piece of software - check it out). Libre Office - also free, is the lite-weight version. The file is

'master blank template ZDL 4006.odg'

Email me at, and this will be emailed back to you.

To recover some of my online costs, all I am asking for this file is 5 GBP - just about the price of a pint of good English beer. You could be pulling your hair out if you don't have this file. Once downloaded to your computer just add your graphics and print.

Save time and have fun !